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Protect Your Vehicle from Theft with a GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking

Protect Your Vehicle from Theft with a GPS Tracking System

These days Vehicle theft is a very serious concern. Thousands of vehicles are being stolen every single day, but you can prevent your vehicles from theft just by using GPS Tracking Devices. Our GPS Tracking Devices can provide the real-time live location of your vehicle. Also, you can get instant alerts if your vehicle leaves a specified zone.

GPS trackers are devices which you can keep in your vehicle at all times to track every single movement. Our GPS devices are small in size and easy to hide within vehicles, so nobody can identify it. Since the tracking device allows you to know exactly where your vehicle is located at all times. Stolen vehicles are recovered very fastly when GPS Tracker is involved.

GPS Tracking System Features

Trans Global Geomatics GPS tracking devices come with a bunch of features, that can prevent your vehicle from theft. This includes real-time vehicle location and disabling ignition which prevents your vehicle from unauthorized use. With these features, you can track your vehicle anytime, anywhere. Our GPS tracking devices will protect your vehicles from theft. Also, you can get alerts and notifications if any misuse occurs.

Put GPS tracker to vehicles or any other moving object to monitor every action. GPS tracking system will notify you via SMS and email about signal loss, open doors, engine on and many more. Vehicle can be controlled remotely if you notice any suspicious actions.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking will give the live location of the vehicle as it moves. This is the only feature that can keep you update about your vehicle whereabouts 24/7. So, you can easily prevent your vehicle from getting stolen.


The Geo-fencing function allows you to set a virtual perimeter for each vehicle in your fleet and your fleet manager will be notified if the vehicle leaves that zone allowing them to take action and stop the theft while it’s in progress.

Make Your Vehicle Secure

A GPS device in a vehicle works as a security device. If your vehicle is stolen are any kind of unauthorized movement happens, then immediately alerts will go to the owner and the police. With the help of GPS Tracking devices, you can easily locate your vehicle.

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