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Advantages of Best GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

Personal GPS Tracking Device

Advantages of Best GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

Ensure 100% safety for your children with the help of the Trans Global Geomatics Personal GPS Tracking Device. Track, locate & monitor your kids 24/7 anytime anywhere. Our gps tracking system provides an instant alert if in case your children leave assigned safe zones.

Mostly parents worried about their children safety if they are going to school or outside. By using Kids GPS Tracker you can know every movement of your children with the exact location. Generally, a Child’s GPS Tracker reports any potential dangers and protects them in the process. It acts as a communication tool for parents and can be helpful even when traveling.

Usually, children tend to wander a lot. With the help of GPS Tracking devices, you can easily and quickly know where your children are. Whether it is a mall, park, or somewhere in the city center, you can simply find your children with our child tracking device.

Advantages of GPS Child Tracking System

By using the Trans Global Geomatics Pvt Ltd Personal GPS Tracking Device, some of the important benefits to the parents are as follows:

Know the current location

Our Kids GPS Tracker provides real-time location of your children. You can track the live locations of your kids, where they are and what they are doing.

Get travel details of kids at any time

Parents will get all the details like their kid boarding/de-boarding school bus. Also, they can get emergency alerts when the child fails to board or de-board at the other stop.

Emergency call

Our GPS trackers have an emergency call button. In case your kids are in any danger, just they need to do is press the button to connect to you. It will be on alert state, a call can be done & a notification will be sent to family members.


Both the parents and school authorities can receive alerts, notifications or messages about the child’s whereabouts. Even if there is any traffic jam, break down, parents will get a warning helping to take necessary actions and precautions.

Track your child even in a crowd

Prevent abduction and let your children play and walk around safely. Our Personal GPS trackers for kids are great options for parents for monitoring their children 24/7. Our device can track a children’s location as well as allow parents to set up a safe zone for their kids.

Uses of GPS Trackers for your Kids

Real-time tracking

Geofence Notification

SOS button emergency

Location history

School Attendance (By RFID)

Support GPS and LBS (Location-based service) double tracking solutions.

School bus on/off notification

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