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Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking System | Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracking

Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking System | Vehicle Tracker

In this era, vehicle tracking has become an easy and affordable solution for many businesses. Vehicle tracking devices will help you to monitor driver behavior and find possibilities to improve vehicle performance. With real-time data and accurate records of driver behavior & vehicle activity, it is easy to make better decisions to improve your business.

Vehicle tracking systems can help in reducing running costs by specifically targeting those who speed and waste fuel. Not only the maintenance bill and cost will be saved, but the insurance premium can also be reduced. A vehicle tracking system includes a tracking device and it is located inside a vehicle with central server software that allows a user to track the vehicle.

Track your vehicle in real-time with 10 seconds interval, this allows business owners to direct their vehicles efficiently. Improve efficiency, productivity and reduce overall transportation costs with Trans Global Geomatics Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Device

Here are some benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking Device.

Dashboard Summary

With a quick glance at our dashboard, you can simply view and monitor mileage, fuel volume, stop time, idle time, speed and many more. By knowing all these details you can increase productivity and vehicle performance.

Real-Time Tracking

You can track your vehicle live location. For every 10 seconds, location updates will be sent frequently, then the fleet manager can get an accurate sense of where a vehicle is and when it is expected to arrive at its destination. Real-time tracking enables you to track in the present time with the exact location instantly.

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Trip History

With this feature, you can track all the trips made by your vehicle, so far. Using GPS devices, you will be able to obtain information such as kilometers covered by the vehicle, idling, stoppages, average speed, and engine performance. With the proper route planning and tracking the address, drivers can complete their work within time and also they can increase trips.

Ability to Recover the Vehicle After Theft

If a vehicle or any part gets stolen, then a GPS vehicle tracking system will help you by sending alerts through SMS and Email.  You can submit these to the authorities to recover your stolen vehicle. This feature can also avoid excessive costs of acquiring a new vehicle.

Safety of Drivers and Trucks

If a vehicle tracking device is installed in your vehicle, then it is possible to reduce accidents, as well as avoid problems on the way like traffic jams and construction on the roads. Also, this device will help you to reach your destination fastly by suggesting better routes.

Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracker

  1.  Reduced fuel costs
  2.  Increased productivity
  3.  Better, safer driving
  4.  Faster theft, breakdown and accident recovery
  5.  Lower insurance premiums
  6.  Easier maintenance and life cycle monitoring


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