Trans Global GEomatics - Intelligent Fuel Monitoring Solutions

TGG is one of the leading developers and integrators of highly accurate fuel consumption monitoring equipment and fleet management solutions, operating globally on the basis of its own technologies in transport telematics.

TGGs Fuel Level Sensors and other products can be used as a component and easily integrated into fleet management systems of nearly all manufacturers. The company offers a range of accurate Analog and Digital Fuel Level Sensors to customers worldwide.

Trans Global Geomatics, having great experience in the Indian telematics industry joined hands with many international partners to provide innovative and cutting edge technologies which are most useful for telematics industry to have more savings.

With the rising of Fuel Prices Day By Day its becoming increasingly challenge to Monitor the daily fillings/consumption of fuel for Large fleet owners. We Assure you of the most reliable solution which enables our customers to know the fuel operations on the go ( through mobile & SMS)

Salient Features

  • 99% Accuracy in Fillings
  • 99% Accuracy in Consumption Reporting
  • 99% Accuracy in Draining(Theft)
  • No of KM Travelled Distance
  • Tripwise Consumption Report
  • Tripwise Mileage Report
  • Geo fencing alert
  • Geo Fencing Report ( In & Out)
  • History playback (History of the Travel)
  • Stop Engine (in case of the theft)

Trans Global is Serving you with the state of Art Technology to safeguard your Fuel

Do You Know the Actual Fillings on your Vehicle / Generator on a Trip Basis ?

Most of our experience tells us there is a great amount of manipulation at the fillings stations . So how do we control it, We have the solution which gives you 100% assurance of the accurate fillings.

TGG Promise you 99% Accuracy in Fillings , Consumption & Thefts

Do You Know the Actual Mileage of your Vehicle , TGG promises you 99% Accuracy in terms of Mileage.

Total Track of the Distance Travelled by the Vehicle.

Geo Fence Based Reporting ( Factory In & Factory Out ) can be reported.