Hardware & Networking Services

  • DATEM Summit Evolution- Professional
  • DATEM Summit Evolution –Feature extraction
  • DATEM Summit
  • Landscape
  • Extraction to Microstation
  • Extraction to AutoCAD
  • Extraction to ArcGis
  • IPS (3.0)
  • MatchMe((Fully automated low-residual image tie point correlation)
  • Solution Managertriple-(view, interactive aerial triangulation and bundle block adjustment module.)
  • DTMe(DTM Generator, automatically producing high density DTM.)
  • OrthorectifyMy
  • StitchMe
  • Patching Tools

Software Development

We have an in house development team who always mingle with our customer teams to develop the needs ,so if you have any requirements please do let us know and our team will get back to you with a unmatched solution.