Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Services

The core of our competency lies in the expertise of providing geospatial solutions to the multifarious clientele in wide domain areas. We integrate knowledge, technology, people, and business with geographic zones to develop innovative and potential services to local as well as global clients.

GIS services

Our well-knit solutions for photogrammetry and remote sensing services gives you,data accuracy and performance throughout the project life cycle. Our task is to understand the customer's needs and processes and implement innovative technologies smoothly. To do that, we offer extensive services to help customers analyze their business processes and integrate our products and services in the most productive way. We have state-of-the art facilities in India for offering services that covers all offshoring photogrammetry services requirements.

Our services are intended to meet the diverse needs of our clientele quickly and efficiently and our project methodologies are based on the unique set of customer requirementWe take the complete responsibility of all the offshoring photogrammetric services in India.

  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Classification
  • Topographic / planimetric / 3D feature extraction
  • Digital elevation modeling and editing (DEM,DTM)
  • Orthophoto generation | Orthorectification
  • Color Balancing, Creating mosaics
  • Edge matching
  • Triangulated irregular network (TIN)
  • Tile generation in user defined dimension
  • Contour generation
  • LiDAR data processing
  • Classification – supervised and unsupervised
  • Change detection
  • 3D terrain visualization
  • Slope aspect analysis
  • Land cover classification