Specialized in selling the following Aerial Sensors and as well as UAVs which are user for quick mapping needs in addition to that we provide you the complete accessories for your mapping camera needs .Our Air unit (IDM200/600) is available in all configurations: RGB, NIR, Thermal.

IDM 200 (http://icaros.us/index.asp?page=Products&pid=24) IDM200 consist a single 80 MP, Phase-One sensor, mounted on a Gyro stabilized payload. With three configurations available including RGB, Thermal and NIR, and embedded Flight Management Module, it is a complete Data Acquisition System that delivers the most Cost Effective, high end digital images with resolution at engineering-scale of 1:500.

Key features

Highest geometric and radiometric resolution- Accuracy maintained up to ground resolutions of three (3) centimetres (1.2 inches).

The system’s integral Gyro & GPS system provides unmatched verticality (±1º) from Nadir.

One System provides various mapping applications: Agriculture, Infrastructure, Emergency, Oil &Gas and others.

Fits almost any aircraft (multi configurations): no designated aircraft is required.

Portable and Installed in less then1 hour.

Pilots’ and Operators’ Control and Navigation LCD’s displays.

IDM 600(http://icaros.us/index.asp?page=Products&pid=24) IDM600: Flexible, Versatile and Affordable.

The design of the ICAROS IDM600™ implements a new approach in sensor development by creating a modular solution, enabling customers to design and adjust their sensor configuration of choice and optimizing the sensor qualities to the specific application it is used for.

The IDM600 is a modular 3-sensor payload designed for up to 10 different sensor configurations that can be selected for different applications.

Key Features and advantages:

  • Multiple-Band custom configuration.
  • Four sensor types available (RGB/NIR/Thermal/Video).
  • Large-swath configuration with three 80Mp RGB sensors.
  • Can be configured in nadir and oblique orientations.
  • 104PC (no moving parts) Airborne Computer responsible for system control and navigation.
  • Pilots’ and Operators’ Control and Navigation LCD’s displays.
  • Use any aircraft, anywhere- no designated airplanes are necessary.
  • Enables the latest application in agriculture, gas and oil and various

Thermogrammerty | Lenses |

The incorporation of a thermal layer over the traditional RGB provides a whole new layer of information that can be used in many applications.

Whether it is a facility, complex, campus, military base or a city adding the thermal layer can provide valuable information and accurate picture of your facility energy loss, leaks, crack and more.

Aerial infrared thermography differs from aerial visible photography in many aspects, mainly the collection window and the wavelength of the imagery that the sensor collects. IR thermography of ground objects can be performed at night when the sun and its effects on objects is reduced and less visible in the imagery.

Thermography reveals sources of heat and the relative differences in heat from one object to another. The Thermal image represent the differences in temperature and emissivity of objects and can be used in countless application where this information is valuable.